We Will All Work For The Government Soon

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Government Pencil PusherAn alarming article came out in the Wall Street Journal a few days ago on the fact that we now have more people working for the government than we do in manufacturing, mining, forestry, farming, fishing and utilities combined. This is doubly alarming because since 1960 we have seen a complete reversal of manufacturing versus government jobs.

In 1960 there were 8.7 million government jobs in this country and 15 million manufacturing jobs. Today there are less manufacturing jobs than there were in 1960 equaling some 11.5 million, 3.5 million less than in 1960, but now there are 22.5 million government workers. While manufacturing jobs have decreased in this nation, the government work force has nearly tripled in size.

Basic math tells you that this trend cannot continue forever. Regardless of what you think about government workers be they teachers, firemen, police, social workers, military service personal or just plain government bureaucrats thinking up even more creative ways to separate us from our money, there has to be a base of tax money to pay this growing government workforce. What many people fail to understand, especially people who stand up for so-called teachers rights and union rights for federal workers, is that the base of people who actually pay into the system that funds all of these government workers are way past their limit of being able to afford to pay more in taxes and fees to the government monstrosity.

The pool of money that exists to pay teachers to educate your children, that pays firemen to keep your house from burning down, that pays for police to protect you from bad guys and that pays for expensive jets to fly policy wonks around the country amongst a huge list of those that endlessly clamor for more, more, more, has finally run dry. All around the nation in state after state, in city after city and at the highest levels of the federal government, accountants have finally had to tell their bosses who love to spend other people’s money, uh, we’re out of money, the pool has run dry, there isn’t any more.

Even though this is the case, that we are desperate and seriously over our heads in drowning debt, most of our elected officials simply refuse to do anything about it. And in fact, many will beat their drums and stand in front of TV cameras as they stir up their constituents and claim that those that want to take a serious look at the orgy of spending that is bankrupting us and do something about it, are doing nothing more than starving children, busting unions and somehow disrespecting seniors by stealing their Social Security and Medicare.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that we are broke as a nation and trillion dollar deficits are the norm these days, many continue to create more government programs and agencies, continue to hire more government workers at alarming rates such as increasing the funding for the IRS by nearly 10 percent and hiring 5,100 new IRS agents. All the while they continue to ignore the fact that the money does not exist to pay for any of this. Never mind any of that, let’s go ahead and give the IRS $1.13 billion more than they had last year that they didn’t spend responsibly. (Maybe one day I’ll tell the story of how the IRS probably spent $20,000 while auditing us and requiring us to pay an additional $1,700 0ne year in taxes. See how efficient they are.)

Obviously at some point this will all end and the longer our elected officials refuse to face up to the ever growing problem, the worse the eventual crash will be. Do you think any of them realize we can’t all work for the government? The crash will happen some time between now and when we all become government pencil pushers, I’m just not sure when.

The Price Of Gold Today

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Gold has risen for the last 3 days and if it rises today it will signal the end of a downward trend starting from a peak this month of around $980 per ounce. Gold closed yesterday at $937.25 per ounce and the current price of gold today is $942.70 as of the publishing of this post.

Current hot selling gold coins are the 2009 Ultra High Relief St Gaudens coin and the recent $50 price drop has spurred continued interest in this unique and beautiful coin. The US Mint recently started shipping these coins again on June 24th so collectors should start seeing them more readily available and they should start showing up in higher numbers on eBay.

If you are interested you better grab one soon before the bidding on eBay starts to go up.

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