What Does Political Upheaval In France And Greece Mean for The Price Of Gold?

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Now that Nicolas Sarkozy has lost the presidency to a socialist in France and Greek voters have decided that they really don’t want their country to get out of debt, what does that mean for the price of gold? New French President Francois Hollande wants to lower the retirement age from 62 to 60 thus making the country even less productive as a whole and he also wants to tax millionaires at 75% of their income. Not a big deal here because French voters put him in office based on these profoundly unsound economic thievery principles.

While this is temporarily strengthening the US dollar while it is weakening the Euro, the immediate effect is to lower the price of gold. However, once new President Hollande figures out he can’t possibly pay the bills with such early retirement and tax policy foolishness, economic stagnation will begin in France (worse than it already is) and spread around Europe like cancer. And with Greek voters rejecting any austerity measures, Eurozone collapse is soon to follow thus making for that possible day of reckoning that will put the price of gold through the roof.

The next few short months in Greece should be quite interesting as all the hard fought austerity measures and agreements hashed out to try and bring some stability to the sinking ship that is the Greek economy gets scrapped and everybody goes back to the drawing board. That is surely something German Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as German voters won’t be happy about. There probably won’t be much tolerance for shenanigans from Greek riots and then asking for bailout money from the rest of Europe once again.

The day of reckoning is much closer.

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Gold Investment : The Reasons Behind The Sudden Hype

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Gold has become the most crucial part of a balanced investment portfolio. According to most investors, gold is considered to be a safe haven as against the fluctuations in the stock market. Most financial planners recommend gold as long term financial planning and gold also has the capability of acting as a hedge against currency uncertainties or inflation. There are many debtors in the US who are looking for ways to get out of debt and earn extra money through investment. Such consumers may try out gold investment as there are multiple reasons to plunge into this particular type of investment. If you’re unaware of the various good reasons to invest in gold, read on to know about them.

1. Gold is used as a reserve for currencies: Since history gold has got its own value and this value has kept increasing since time. This is the reason why a certain percentage of gold is always used as a reserve for all the paper currencies issued by most of the countries. Thus, it takes the biggest role of playing the reserve for most currencies of the world.

2. Gold can save you from deflation: When there is deflation, we often see the prices and business activities slowing down. The same had happened during the recent global economic recession. However, though you will see price of all commodities fall down sharply, the price of gold will only be affected the least. Therefore if you have already invested in gold, you can save yourself against the ill-effects of deflation.

3. Gold can save you against political insecurity: No type of political insecurity can affect the price of gold. When there is political unrest in a nation,most people tend to move to other countries and this has a staggering impact on the price of the financial products and real estate. Despite all such changes, the value of gold will never see an adverse result. The extreme convenience of handling gold helps sustain its value during uncertainties.

4. Gold has high liquidity: Liquidity is measured by the capability of an asset to be turned into cash. Just like the forex market, gold also has high liquidity and you can turn it into cash whenever you want. Any gold dealer or a bank can give you cash in exchange of gold. As the price of gold is increasing with time, you can gain a huge amount of money.

Successful investing is all about diversifying your portfolio in a manner that will ensure minimum risks and maximum gains. Donít have all your eggs in the same basket as this may make you more prone to future losses. Invest in gold and save yourself against all the negative effects of the market. Use the proceeds to get out of debt and lead a debt free life.

How to Safely Buy Gold Nuggets On eBay Part 2

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This is part 2 of how to buy gold nuggets on eBay, read part 1 here. Yesterday we learned how to determine a safe transaction for buying gold nuggets

For the educated gold nugget buyers, you are probably well aware of the different things that you need to do in order to make the most of your transactions. However, becoming a knowledgeable gold investor does take a little bit of work for those of you who aren’t quite there. There will be a distinct difference in the nuggets that you find, including whether they are natural or man made, as well as whether they are pure gold or happen to have quartz or other minerals mixed in with them. Make sure the listing explicitly tells you this information, so that you don’t get taken advantage of.

You should also know the differences in the prices of gold. For example, a 1-2 gram nugget should average around $40 per gram, while $125 should get you 3-5 gram nuggets, and 6-7 gram nuggets should average around $250 apiece. This all depends on the varying price of gold and that can change on a day to day basis.

Also, the value of gold nuggets can vary based on the overall look of the nugget. Unusual and pretty nuggets might cost more, while ugly and less desirable ones will be cheaper. Take the time to make sure that you’re buying something that you are in full understanding of, so that there is no disappointment or dissatisfaction on your end. When it comes to an asset like gold, even if it is only a nugget, you still need to protect yourself and your investment.

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