Gold coin and economic news is of course about gold coins, collecting them and also about the economic factors that cause the price of this precious metal to fluctuate withing the markets and amongst collectors and dealers around the world.

People have been drawn to collecting and investing in gold for centuries maybe because of the natural beauty of the metal, I mean really, who doesn’t like to look at a nice gold medal or beautifully designed gold coin such as the Ultra high relief St Gaudens gold coin recently released at the beginning of 2009.

What we’ll cover here in the blog is recent and possibly upcoming news about coin shows, the US Mint, and the all important economics that make the whole system function or actually not function all that well. Everything happening in the stock and commodity markets around the world effects the price of gold, even if it’s being manipulated as many suspect.

Anyway have a look around the blog and then head over to the main gold coins site to see current auctions now being featured on eBay. We also feature scrap gold and gold bullion auctions, so have a look around.

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