Why Obama’s Jobs Plan Will Never Work

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No one needs to see the details, Obama’s new jobs plan will never work. The only way any jobs initiative from President Obama can ever work is if he takes a 180 degree turn from every job creating idea he has ever had. Nothing the President has done since the beginning of his tenure as the most powerful person on the face of the earth has created a single, lasting, real job. The problem is that the idea the government can extract wealth from the economy that would otherwise be saved for later investment or spent in today’s current market on goods and services or building businesses that actually hire people, and turn that money into positive and continuous economic growth, completely ignores reality.

Government should protect us from evildoers who would rip us off and engage in immoral and illegal activity, but to take money that does not belong to them and purport to act benevolently as the creator of prosperity is nothing but delusion. One wonders if this is purposefully created delusion intended simply to control the masses or if government officials actually believe in their self created fantasy. Taking money out of my pocket on a regular basis to give to someone so they can go buy groceries, does neither of us any good in the long run. For myself, I receive no benefit for that money taken and the recipient ultimately learns dependency. Extrapolate that out to a few million people and see what you get. The only one that really benefits is the politicians stealing the money from you and I end up getting votes from the people they give the money to.

It is interesting to note that even before the President’s speech he is calling for Congress to to pass his jobs bill and do it quickly, for the benefit of the country of course. In other words, Obama is saying, don’t really take a look at what I’m doing or the actual details of this plan, just pass it because I know what is best. We are also being told by the President’s press secretary Jay Carney that the things the President is proposing will bring unemployment down to below 9%. Let’s not forget that we were also told that the President’s $787 billion stimulus would not let unemployment get beyond 8%. If you are counting, we are currently at 9.1%.

And we’re supposed to believe that someone who has never hired a single employee, but has organized plenty of mobs to protest evil, greedy corporate America, is going to tell small businesses and big businesses how they ought hire people. Oh, the President can tell businesses how they should hire more people and put America back to work, but can he do a simple ROI calculation on investment and revenue from real sales of real products or services and see if there is actually a profit after all the government intervention and red tape. I think not.

Apparently that math escapes the President as he likes to showcase businesses that receive government stimulus and hire 150 people at a cost of $2 million per job. Or he likes to push the green job thing on us and these businesses fail to live up to their promised hype or they just simply go out of business as did Evergreen Solar. Never mind that this proves what reckless spending government stimulus really is, instead of admitting that fact, we’ll just blame those rascal Germans on this gargantuan failure because we cant quite fit Bush into this one.

The most productive thing our current President does these days is give speeches and so we will be treated to yet another one come September 8th. This will be somewhere between the 4th and 10th time Obama will state that he has a plan to create jobs and this, finally, will be his main focus, at least until another vacation or round of golf.

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