The Rich Do Pay Their Fair Share

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King "The Rich Don't Pay Enough" ObamaFrom one side of this ridiculous debt debate going on in Washington comes the mantra that the rich simply do not pay their fair share in taxes and that they got rich on the backs of the middle class and what we call the poor in this country. In fact, in the President’s speech to the nation on the debt ceiling fiasco he actually had the audacity to say,

“Republicans in Congress are insisting on a different approach — a cuts-only approach -– an approach that doesn’t ask the wealthiest Americans or biggest corporations to contribute anything at all.  And because nothing is asked of those at the top of the income scale…”

My emphasis added.

Really Mr. President, wealthy Americans are not contributing anything at all to this orgy of government spending? And exactly nothing is being asked of them, as if it is their responsibility to cover for you and your wife’s over-the-top-jet-set-vacations, endless golf outings and trips around the world as your contribution to the crisis we are now facing? This kind of rhetoric from the Propagandist in Chief who acts more like a king than a president, is designed to do nothing more than incite people into thinking that not only do the rich benefit from the poor, but in the process they also contribute nothing. As a supposed leader, the President is insinuating that the rich don’t pay any taxes.

The only thing further from the truth than the statement in quotes above, is that the person who now resides in the White House is actually qualified to be President.

Of course the rich are contributing to the revenue base that runs this country, they are contributing greatly. For example, a person who earns $100,000 per year pays approximately $22,000 per year in taxes, while someone who earns $1,000,000 a year will be paying $320,000 per year in taxes. So, a person who makes 10 times what a $100,000 per year earner makes, will pay 14.5 times the amount of taxes than the lesser earner does. I guess the government parasites are right, the rich don’t pay their fair share, they pay way, way too much.

Another way to look at this is to ask if the person making $1,000,000 a year actually uses $320,000 worth of government services in that year. Does the fact that they make that much money create such a burden on the system that they need to pay all that extra money? What about the money a top earner spends, does that contribute to the economic system that runs the wheels of commerce or should we just tax them more? Let’s have a look at that.

Not only does the high income earner spend lots of money, many times they also pay a premium for services that the rest of us never really see and all the money they spend obviously goes into someone else’s pocket whether that be profits for a business, wages to employees of those businesses or directly to individuals for goods and services. Let’s say a $1 million a year earner buys a $100,000 automobile, that money gets divided up amongst the:

Sales manager
Dealership owner
Receptionist that greets customers
Service advisers
Mechanics that service the car
Administrators that service warranty claims
Janitor that sweeps the dealership floor
Auto detailers
Auto shipper

And then we move on to the manufacturing process. These people also get a cut:

Auto assemblers
Assembly floor manager
Quality inspectors
Auto designers
Parts fabricators
Tool makers
Inventory and stock personnel
Parts buyers
Parts expeditors
Parts suppliers
Material suppliers
Parts designers
Raw material suppliers
Parts shipping and transportation
Process engineers
Procedure writers
Assembly trainers
Facilities maintenance personnel

And then there’s the cut the government gets in:

Waste disposal fees
OSHA inspectors
Tire taxes
Battery taxes
Hazardous waste certifications
Emissions inspections and taxes
More permits
Environmental impact fees
Possible gas guzzler taxes

All that and more is paid by the rich person who injects their wealth into the economy of just buying an expensive automobile. Yes, wealthy people buy luxury items, but someone has to make and then sell those items and as you can see from the list above there are a lot of people along the process to getting an automobile to market and then to the consumer.

Beyond just purchasing transportation, rich people also buy the same things you and I buy. And then there are those extra premium fees mentioned earlier. We recently went to Ft Lauderdale and although I love this part of South Florida it can be very expensive to live there. Almost everywhere you turn you have to pay for items and services that the rest of us rarely see. Yes, we had to pay for those services while we were in Ft Lauderdale, but the people who live there pay for them every day. Some of those fees include parking at hotels and on the street. It costs a minimum of $20 a day to park at any of the hotels in town or on the strip or $6 for 2 hours while you go eat breakfast at a hotel. If you want to go downtown and shop add $6 to $12 on top of your purchases for the privilege of parking near shopping.

Property taxes are also much higher in areas like Ft Lauderdale. On top of the cost of your dwelling and property taxes, there are then either condo association and maintenance fees or home owner association fees that pay for people to keep the outside of you building from crumbling or the common areas of your neighborhood mowed and tidy looking. Gee, those silly maintenance and lawn workers, they have to eat too you know.

No, we’re not done quite yet. If you have a lot of money and can afford to stay in Ft Lauderdale in the more exclusive hotels, beyond the cost of either paying for parking at the hotel or renting a car that puts money into the local economy there is that rip-off hotel tax we have in Florida. All Florida hotels have the tax, but when you stay in an expensive hotel, such as in Ft Lauderdale, you obviously pay more for that. For instance, if you were to stay at the W on Ft Lauderdale Beach for 3 nights at a cost of $400 a night (a cheap rate by the way), your 3 day stay will cost you $1,200 plus $72 state sales tax, plus $78 Florida State Hotel Rip-Off tax because apparently the money tourists are bringing into the state by vacationing here, just isn’t quite enough. Did you get that? Someone who stays at the W in Ft Lauderdale Beach for 3 nights pays an extra $78, on top of all the other fees and taxes, just because the state of Florida demands it.

It is obvious that people who have money, spend money, and that money doesn’t just go into a black hole, it goes to pay the salaries of people who provide the goods and service that cater to people with wealth. It keeps the economy humming along at a pretty good pace but, according to our President and many members of Congress who continue to beat the class warfare drum, what the wealthy are doing to contribute to the economy is absolutely nothing.

Government acts as if the money they spend belongs to them, when in fact, it doesn’t. The height of absurdity and propaganda comes from this White House infographic where it is shown how much the policies of George W Bush added to the national debt vs what Barack Hussein Obama policies added to the debt. The evidence that this group of thieves who are now running the show thinks that government money actually belongs to them is at the bottom of the infographic where the Bush tax cuts are being blamed for adding $3 trillion to the debt. That’s like me going over to my neighbors house and stealing $100 and then claiming that it cost me money when I decide to return $50 to him out of the goodness of my heart. It wasn’t my money to begin with and it costs me nothing to return any or all of the money to him.

The bottom line is that the rich do pay their fair share as do the rest of us. We give enough money to the parasites in Washington, they don’t need any more money. The real question is, when is the government going to stop creating more social programs, more bureaucracies, more government Czars and more inventive ways to spend our hard earn money and start reigning in the orgy of spending?

We are waiting…

Flash Mob Violence Simply Mimics The Federal Government

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Flash mobs started out as a fun societal phenomenon several years ago where a small to fairly large group of individuals “in the know” all showed up at some public venue and seemingly spontaneously started to sing or dance or do some other funny skit-like performance to the thrill of an unsuspecting audience.  Many of us have seen the unforgettable Hallelujah Chorus flash mob, but unfortunately, this fun concept has taken a violent and criminal turn where roving bands of youth are invading convenience stores, restaurants and other public places and stealing merchandise or robbing people. The sheer numbers of those involved keep business owners or the surprised patrons unable to counter the swift attack.

Honestly, this isn’t all that surprising these days in a society that is getting completely out of control. While social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have made these modern day pirate mobs easier to put together, no one should be all that taken aback at the reason this is happening. Why? Simply because this is exactly what the Federal government has been doing to its citizenry for decades in the form of confiscatory taxes, fines for breaking arbitrary rules, and fees and regulations stifling businesses in endless red tape. What these flash mob youths are doing is just acting out on the beliefs the government has fostered in its dependent voter base. That being that those who don’t have are entitled to whatever they want from those that do have.

Congress has become less of a governing body and more of a thug organization over the years with legislation that does little good and in reality just creates chaos. Have a look at what the Community Reinvestment Act did over the last 3 decades for an example of government thuggery. Just as violent flash mobs swoop in and do their chaos quickly before the police can come in and take care of the situation, making it hard to identify the real perpetrators, the government hides regulations in enormous 2,100 page bills and then acts innocent and unaware when their work is shown to be destructive. Isn’t it interesting that with the financial meltdown of 2008 and the ensuing mortgage and foreclosure crisis still wreaking its havoc today, no one in the federal government has yet to be even remotely blamed for their policies (that is except for George W. Bush who the media and President Barry Soetoro keep pointing the finger at).

And now with the looming debt crisis and the government edging ever closer to default if the debt limit is not raised, it is very doubtful that we will get out of this situation without some form of increased taxes. For decades both parties have wastefully spent us into oblivion and the answer always has to do with increased revenue. With entitlements and government bureaucracies continually growing like a cancer there isn’t any way Uncle Sam can can continue to pay its bills without bringing in more money. And you can bet that with the new ObamaCare mandate slated to fully take effect in 2014 (if we don’t destroy ourselves before then) there will be even more government agencies created to make sure you and I are buying our insurance and hospitals and doctors are complying with the 2,000 some pages of government obfuscation.

Flash mob thuggery is what our government has become. They are in effect saying, “We are going to create these agencies, build this bureaucracy, expand our influence and spend as we please, all the while demanding more from you, and there isn’t anything you can do about it.” Even the people we send to Washington to take care of the wasteful spending quickly get infected with the entitlement mentality doing little more than finding ways to funnel taxpayer dollars to their constituents, in effect preserving their own government job for a few more election cycles.

As long as the federal government thinks it can vote itself a raise and simply take more money from the rich, the poor, people who smoke, people who drink, people who start businesses, people who make over $250,000 a year…name your group because you are all eligible for government wealth confiscation, then you will have thugs involved in flash mob violence. Why not take what doesn’t belong to you, the government does it all the time? I’m not advocating thievery here, our politicians do a good job of that already.

You Have No Right To Medical Care

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No Right To Medical CareSince when did anyone have the right to impose a burden upon a physician, a nurse, a medical technician or any other medical worker and take their time, talent, services or office space and claim that as their own? And if you think someone does have that right, then who has a right to your time, skills, office space and the products or services of your labor?

Something has gone very wrong in this country when individuals think they have a right to some sort of product or service when in fact, they don’t. No, you don’t have a right to medical care. You have no right to be treated in a hospital, in a doctor’s office or any medical facility, by a nurse, by a doctor or have any right to any medical test whatsoever. No matter what the media says or our politicians legislate, you do not have a right to something that requires the labor of someone else. That would be slavery.

Legislation can try to force some sort of law upon the masses and try to make us pay for the medical care of others as with the forced ObamaCare plan, but that still guarantees you no right to those services or the labor of individuals who must administer such services. You never have a right to something that you do not own. You have a right to life because that is what you already posses. You are a living being and you have a right to go on living because that is what you are already doing. You own your life, therefore you have  a right to it. Life and liberty are inherent rights and they do not impose a burden on anyone else. You do not automatically own the right to the labor of another human being to burden them regardless of what any politician tells you. Unless an agreement has been reached between individuals in exchange for money or something else, and goods or services have been promised, you have absolutely no right to the labor of another person.

Medical care is only a formless concept without the labor of another person to either examine you, administer a test on you, take some sort of internal picture of your body, perform an operation on you or assist you in walking because you have broken your leg or a myriad of other service performed by medical personnel. Without agreement or payment of some sort, you do not have the right to simply sit in your home while going about your daily duties and claim the right to the labor of a doctor. A doctor’s labor is not your right. A nurse’s labor is not your right. A medical technician’s labor is not your right. By what standard can anyone claim that the labor of an individual is their right just by default? If you can lay claim to the labor of a doctor, you might as well claim that you have the right to have me come to your home and vacuum your floors. You don’t!

No matter how you slice it, claiming the right to medical care is claiming the rights to labor of another person, and you simply have no right to make that claim.

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