Reframing The Whole Tax Argument – Who’s Money Is It Exactly?

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Who's Money Is It?The higher taxes debate ever rages on as government never seems to have just quite enough money to implement one more “we can help you” policy and an agency to go along with it. And heaven forbid, somewhere down the road after the policy has been fully implemented, a fiscally responsible legislator looks at this new bureaucracy and determines it is a huge waste of money. Suddenly, out of the woodwork emerges an instant group of disenfranchised individuals now claiming they will be deprived of receiving whatever government handout this new agency is offering, when for a few centuries we somehow managed without it. We will be told however, without it, people will be dying.

While once again the evil, exploiting rich will be blamed for wanting to take money out of the hands of people who desperately need it, and conservatives will be accused of “giving tax breaks to the rich,” it seems like no one ever stops to ask the question, or emphatically makes it known, exactly who’s money is it that has funded these new entitlements and additional bureaucracies? And who funds the current ones that are bleeding the country dry? Besides just printing money as the government pleases, the money spent on these entitlement programs must come from somewhere. Why is it that the argument over taxes and out of control government spending almost never focuses on where the money comes from? Why is there not a single politician making that the center of their mission?

If anyone were to think about the argument for less time that it takes you to read this, it is obvious where the money comes from, that would be taxes. And where exactly do those taxes come from? Your pocket and my pocket and the deep pockets of businesses that actually produce a product or provide a service and hire people. Taxes come from the pockets of productive people. They do not come from those that are non productive or from the government. The government does not produce, it only loots and when it need more, it simply demands it or prints it out of thin air. Government does not hire a single person, implement a single program, hand out a single $1 food stamp, sign a single welfare check or give out a single slice of yellow processed American cheese food that is not paid for by a source of revenue from productive people. And let’s get one thing straight, every cent a corporation pays in taxes, finds its way back to you or I in the form of higher prices. Companies are in business to make a profit and will pass everything back to the consumer in some way.

The businesses that supply our jobs in this nation all originate from individuals who at some point in their lives decide that they want to do something different than most of us. Some make huge sacrifices of time and money to further their education, take enormous personal risks, do endless hours of research, deal with endless government red tape and do a multitude of other tasks to get their businesses off the ground and make them successful. Those businesses then give jobs to qualified people who can help those companies be more productive and earn more money. Without profits, businesses do not survive and without the businesses that sell products and provide services to people and the visionaries behind those businesses, products and services, there would be no jobs to go to.

The government then steps into the middle of all this and demands at the point of a gun (try not paying taxes for any length of time and see if armed government agents don’t pay you a visit) what amounts to extortion payments from both the business owners and the workers they have hired. All businesses offer their products or services for sale first to consumers who look over what is for sale, make the best choice and then pay for what they need or want. Government on the other hand, simply demands the money up front and then tells you what they may or may not do with it. Much of the time, they don’t even know what they do with it. The only difference between looters that rob stores or homes after a natural disaster and the United States Government, is that the looters at least have the courtesy to wait until after the disaster happens, government creates the disaster by its ever expanding looting practices.

Exactly why does the government think they are entitled to our money? Exactly what gives them the right to demand an ever larger portion of our earnings? What exactly are we getting these days for this government sanctioned extortion?

Who’s money it is again?

Gold Investment : The Reasons Behind The Sudden Hype

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Gold has become the most crucial part of a balanced investment portfolio. According to most investors, gold is considered to be a safe haven as against the fluctuations in the stock market. Most financial planners recommend gold as long term financial planning and gold also has the capability of acting as a hedge against currency uncertainties or inflation. There are many debtors in the US who are looking for ways to get out of debt and earn extra money through investment. Such consumers may try out gold investment as there are multiple reasons to plunge into this particular type of investment. If you’re unaware of the various good reasons to invest in gold, read on to know about them.

1. Gold is used as a reserve for currencies: Since history gold has got its own value and this value has kept increasing since time. This is the reason why a certain percentage of gold is always used as a reserve for all the paper currencies issued by most of the countries. Thus, it takes the biggest role of playing the reserve for most currencies of the world.

2. Gold can save you from deflation: When there is deflation, we often see the prices and business activities slowing down. The same had happened during the recent global economic recession. However, though you will see price of all commodities fall down sharply, the price of gold will only be affected the least. Therefore if you have already invested in gold, you can save yourself against the ill-effects of deflation.

3. Gold can save you against political insecurity: No type of political insecurity can affect the price of gold. When there is political unrest in a nation,most people tend to move to other countries and this has a staggering impact on the price of the financial products and real estate. Despite all such changes, the value of gold will never see an adverse result. The extreme convenience of handling gold helps sustain its value during uncertainties.

4. Gold has high liquidity: Liquidity is measured by the capability of an asset to be turned into cash. Just like the forex market, gold also has high liquidity and you can turn it into cash whenever you want. Any gold dealer or a bank can give you cash in exchange of gold. As the price of gold is increasing with time, you can gain a huge amount of money.

Successful investing is all about diversifying your portfolio in a manner that will ensure minimum risks and maximum gains. DonĂ­t have all your eggs in the same basket as this may make you more prone to future losses. Invest in gold and save yourself against all the negative effects of the market. Use the proceeds to get out of debt and lead a debt free life.

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