Environmental Uses Of Gold

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Gold is not just for collecting, investing and beautiful adornment. There are actually many different uses for gold including medical and environmental. Environmentally speaking, gold is used in everything from water purification to emission controls and sustainable chemistry. Most of these uses are future technologies, and are still being developed in most places. The unique chemical properties of gold are allowing it to become a great resource for various environmental needs. It is mostly aimed at pollution and energy reduction, which will help to make the world a greener, more environmentally friendly place.

In water purification, gold-palladium nanoparticles are being studied as an active way to break down trichlorethene, or TCE, a groundwater pollutant that is all too common and very poisonous. Cancer, liver disease, and pregnancy complications are linked to this chemical It’s also been studied as a way to remove pesticides when implemented into a water purification system. These studies are still underway, and are being funded by the World Gold Council to help develop new and better technologies through the use of gold. Gold is also used for mercury control, which has been known to cause Alzheimer’s disease and autism. In factories where coal is used to produce energy, mercury is omitted. This also occurs in some PVC factories in China. To combat this, studies are underway to use gold catalyst that can eliminate the mercury from these processes.

The environmental uses of gold will always help keep the price up making gold a stable investment.

Million Dollar Gold Coin From Canada

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This is an updated post to yesterday’s post about the million dollar gold coin.

The coins have the 99.999 percent purity rating, which is a notch above the old ‘four nines’ rating that used to be the standard for gold purity in coinage. Canada has been upping the ante in many situations with the gold market, including setting the first standard of the four nines back in 1982, and now creating this monstrosity that outweighs and out-values any coin in existence.

This coin consists of 3,215 troy ounces of gold. At a rate of even a modest $700 to $800 per ounce, that adds up to be about $2.25 to $2.57 million US when compared to the price of gold. However, the price of gold is more like at $1,135 an ounce now and that is more than triple the actual $1 million Canadian face value that the coin holds. Even though the coin was a promotional item from the start, it has created quite a stir among collectors and investors around the world, and everyone is waiting to see what happens next. Considering that it takes 6 weeks to manufacture one of these giant coins, it’s certain that they won’t exactly be flying off the presses by any means.

Other Ways Gold Can Be Used In The Environment

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Another way the gold can be used in the environment is in diesel emissions that can also be controlled through the use of gold, platinum, and palladium. The product used, known as NS Gold, has been shown to increase the hydrocarbon oxidation process by 15-20%, creating fewer emissions and making the air less polluted.

Gold also plays a large roll in ‘green’ chemistry, or sustainable chemistry. It is being studied as a way to cause the oxidation of hydrocarbons from fewer chemicals and organic products, making organic materials more affordable to purchase. It is also being looked into to use gold to replace platinum in fuel cells, because it is more affordable and more readily available.

There are so many different ways that gold is, and can be, used in the environment. For the most part, its metallurgic and chemical properties simply allow it to provide green concepts and eliminate pollutants, both in the air, water, and in fuel emissions. Gold is a very versatile metal, and while it may be most valuable for its financial standing, it probably provides more safety than most people imagine by being used in these various environmental concepts.

The more ways are found to use this unique precious metal, the more valuable it becomes to a society making it a valuable investment vehicle.

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