Pike’s Peak Colorado Gold Rush

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The Pike’s Peak Colorado gold rush happened in 1858 in western Kansas territory and southwestern Nebraska territory, and lasted until 1861 with the creation of the Colorado territory. More than 100,000 gold seekers came to this area in a rush for riches, and this quickly became one of the most well-known and prosperous gold rushes in American history. After 1859, which was the peak year of the rush, these miners were known as fifty-niners, and often came bearing the motto ‘Pike’s Peak or Bust!’

The Pike’s Peak Colorado gold rush happened about a decade after the California gold rush, and brought a temporary and huge influx of immigrants into Pike’s Peak area and the Southern Rocky Mountains. The gold rush brought the first European-Americans to the region, and created a few places that would become cities such as Denver City and Boulder City. Smaller camps ended up becoming parts of larger towns, and dozens of camps simply became ghost towns. Many gold prospectors were discouraged at the end of the California gold rush, which caused them to return home. However, a few stayed behind and followed rumors that gold was to be found in the Rocky Mountains.

This following ended up paying off in the end, for those who actually took the time to travel to this area and become a part of the search for gold in what would become the Pike’s Peak gold rush. In 1858, gold was discovered, and it was less than a year by the time news reached the eastern part of the country. At that time, thousands of miners were coming to the Denver area to search for the gold that so many had boasted finding. There were many large finds throughout the area in 1859, and shortly after the mining tapered off for a substantial amount of time.

After many years, people realized that they couldn’t access the gold that was deeper in the sulfide ore, and abandoned gold prospecting in the area. However, this problem was solved over time, creating a major gold and silver mining industry in Colorado after the gold rush had come and gone. The first decade generally served the South Platte River area and the Clear Creek and South Park areas, and in 1860, Denver City, Golden City, and Boulder City were thriving towns that worked the mines as a way of life.

Still today, the area is popular among vacationers for gold prospecting adventures, but the large mines are now owned by private industry, making the findings more rare and individual prospecting less popular. Panning for gold may be fun, but it’s hardly profitable. If you want to invest in gold, try purchasing some gold coins and holding them for an extended period of time.

Medical Uses Of Gold

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Gold is biocompatible, which just means that it isn’t toxic to the body. For that reason, it can be used for a variety of medical treatments, including drugs and implants of all kinds. In the early to mid 1900s, it was discovered that gold was an effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, because it is a great aid to the reduction of inflammation in the joints.

Medical implants also use gold in many occasions, since it doesn’t include a risk for toxicity and has a lower risk of infections. There are many different medical uses of gold, proving that it isn’t just for collecting and investing in things such as gold coins.

When it comes to medical implants, the gold is generally used in places that are at a higher risk of infection, such as the ear. It has also been used in other areas that are prone to infection, as well as serving a variety of uses in the medical world beyond implants. For example, gold is often used to treat prostate cancer, by helping to identify the size and position of the patient’s prostate during treatment. Small pieces of gold, about the size of rice grains, are used to find the prostate so that a more targeted dose of radiation can be given to the patient. Pace makers and insulin pumps also contain gold, because it has such a record of being highly reliable for electronic devices.

There are many different uses for gold, but the most cutting edge uses and research belongs to the cancer treatment area. Gold can be injected into the body and immediately travel to a cancerous area, which will allow doctors to treat these areas with anti-cancer compounds without having to treat the entire body. The newest research involving gold includes a study of how gold can bind anti-cancer compounds on their surfaces, carrying them through the blood stream and delivering them to the tumors. Once again, this allows for targeted treatments rather than full-body exposure.

Gold is such a biocompatible metal that it can be used for just about any medical need. Implants, cancer research and treatment, and even heart problems and diabetes all rely on gold for use in the various treatment products that are used. By taking the time to learn about gold and how beneficial it can be to the modern medical world, you might realize that it is much more essential to society than you originally thought. There are many uses for gold, and the medical world is not the only one taking advantage of this great metal. This is why gold will always be a great alternative investment to the stock market.

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