Liberty Head Gold Coins For Sale

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Even though they aren’t the most popular of all gold coins, there are plenty of Liberty head gold coins for sale because they still are one of the most popular coins for the collector and investor. While the St Gaudens gold double eagle is the most popular gold coin sold anywhere in the world, the Liberty Head may come in a close second.

This coin is also referred to as the Coronet Head as well as the Liberty head and was minted from 1849 to 1907 when the Augustus St Gaudens designed double eagle took the stage and changed the course of history for the coin collector, the US Treasury as well as gold as a collectible and commodity.

There are three sub-types pf this Liberty Head gold coin. The first minting of this coin did not include the words “In God We Trust” as the phrase was added in 1866 creating the second type and the third type was minted in 1877 when the words describing the face value of the coin was changed from “Twenty D” to ” Twenty Dollars”.

While this coin is not as popular as the St Gaudens double eagle it is still sought after by collectors and gold investors becuause it is still gold and in these crazy economic times gold is as valuable as ever. Don’t miss the great deals you might be able to find on the Liberty Head gold double eagle.

High Relief Double Eagle

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The high relief double eagle gold coin as originally designed back in 1907 by Augustus St Gaudens has seen its return in the 2009 version of this beautiful coin. In its originalin 1907 the US Mint did not create the coin so it would be stackable. The edge was too thinly stamped which madethe coins unstackable when bankers were storing them in their vaults, thus the coins were discontinued after only a few thousands copies were made.

Most of these original coins were melted down, but a few remain today and are extremely valuable. However, if you don’t want to have to pay possibly tens of thousands for one of the 1907 copies of this coin, you can grab a 2009 Ultra High Relief Coin for slightly over $1,000.

These are extraordinarily beautiful coins as the design is sunk deeply into the coins surface through a special minting process where the coin is struck multiple times. Only with today’s mining and stamping technology were these coins made possible. A slight edge has been added to the coin to make them stackable and more easy to store.

These coins are available directly from the US Mint, from dealers across the United States and of course, from eBay. Many good deals have been found on the auction site and the coins are are going for around $1,300 or slightly more as of the publishing of this post.

If you are interested, you can check out High relief double eagle coins on our site and place your bids right eBay to grab one of  these beauties right now.

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