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The first spouse gold coins¬†program is quite successful as collectors and investors are increasing their demand for these popular coins. This program was started in 2007 to honor our country’s first ladies and will feature every First Lady through Pat Nixon who held that position from 1969 to 1974. The coins will be issued 4 or 5 per year through 2016.

Some presidents obviously were not married such as Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren and in those cases a¬†coin will still be issued but it will feature a depiction of Lady Liberty on the Obverse and themes from the President’s life on the reverse. The coins are all one half ounce 24 karat gold or .9999 percent pure, thus making them true bullion coins. All have a face value of $10

The United States Mint wanted to get into the true bullion coin market due to demand from investors and in 2006 started out with the first true bullion coin issued in the United States which was the Buffalo Gold Coin. Since then the First Spouse gold coins have been added to the bullion coin lineup and will continue through at least 2016 with this program.

Listed below are the currently or soon to be available First Spouse coins:

2007 Releases

Martha Washington
Abigail Adams
Jefferson’s Liberty
Dolley Madison

2008 Releases

Elizabeth Monroe
Louisa Adams
Jackson’s Liberty
Van Buren’s Liberty

2009 Releases

Anna Harrison
Letitia Tyler
Julia Tyler (due out August 6, 2009)
Sarah Polk
Margaret Taylor

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American Gold Coins For Sale

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Lots of people online today are looking for American gold coins for sale for several reasons. One is that they are some of the most beautiful coins in the world, second is that they are the most collected in the entire world and thirdly they are also the most valuable gold coins in the world. In fact, a 1933 St Gaudens Double Eagle is currently the most valuable gold coin in the world. The reason it is the most valuable coin in existence is because there is no other copy of a 1933 St Gaudens that can be sold anywhere in the world.

With the uncertainty of today’s unstable economy and volatility of the US stock market even though it is up above 9,000 again as of this post, many people are looking for alternative investments and want to get out of the market. American gold coins are the vehicle that’s filling the void for many people looking for another place to put their money.

Some of the more popular coins people are looking for and interested in collecting are the St Gaudens $20 gold double eagles, the new 2009 Ultra high relief gold double eagle, the many issues of the First Spouse coins, Indian Head quarter eagle coins and the 2006 buffalo gold coin. The buffalo coin is particularly popular because it is the first issue of the first truly bullion coin ever issued in the United States. What Make a coin be a true bullion coin? It has to be .9999 percent pure or 24 karat gold.

So if you are looking for a better place to put your money than the messed up stock market maybe you should consider investing in a few or in a variety of American gold coins for sale. You will find some of the best bargains available today by checking out eBay where you can bid against others for all different kinds of gold coins. Visit our gold coins store to find the bargain coins to add to your collection or portfolio today.

Gold Coins For Sale

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Collectors and investors alike are looking for gold coins for sale in these troubled economic times. The are many gold coins to fit every budget and investing style from big timers to those just getting started collecting coins. There are a variety of coins for sale on our site, so have a look around to see if anything is of interest and will fit in with your investment and collecting goals.

Gold Coins For Sale:

2009 Ultra High Relief Gold Coin – One of the most anticipated and sought after coins of the last decade and sure to be a classic for many decades to come.

American Eagle Gold Coins – Currently the most popular gold bullion coin minted in the United States. Still widely available, but prices are trending upward. These were minted from 1986 to the present.

St Gaudens Double Eagles – The most sought after gold pieces of numismatic value. This is the coin to own if you are a collector or investor in gold.

Liberty Head Gold Coins – A $20 face value as the St Gaudens coins. Not as popular as the previously mentioned coin, but some are just as valuable. A nice coin to own.

Indian Head Half Eagle Coins – A nice entry level gold coin as some examples are available for under $300. These feature the pressed in minting of the famous Indian Head with his headdress of beautiful feathers.

American Buffalo Gold Coins – A popular gold bullion coin made to look like the pre Jefferson nickles. Has a $50 face value and features 1 ounce of fine .9999 gold. it is the first true bullion coin minted in the United States.

Above are just an example of some of the more popular gold coins available in the United States today. All of these have held or will hold their value in gold and their numismatic or collectible value for many years to come.

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