Augustus St Gaudens, Designer Of Gold Coins

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When Agustus St. Gaudens was only 6 months old, his parents immigrated to America in search of a better life for their family. At age 19, Agustus traveled to Paris, France and then subsequently to Rome, where he worked on his first few commissioned works.

In 1877, he met Augusta Homer, an American art student studying in Rome, and they were married. In 1876, Augustus landed his first big commission, which was the monument in Madison Square that paid tribute to David Farragut, a Civil War Admiral. It was unveiled in 1881, setting a precedent for the famed artist and creating a reputation that would long outlive the man himself.

In the time following that first commission, St. Gaudens was commissioned for many more monuments and statues throughout the country, mostly of Civil War-era heroes. In 1909, he was asked to create a seated figure of President Lincoln, which is located in Grant Park in Chicago.

The man who is most famously known for creating the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle gold coin is also famed for many other works around the country, a few of which are still standing in their original locations today. In tribute to Agustus St Gaudens, the original design of his ultra high relief gold $20 coin was issued as a commemorative double eagle in early 2009.

Augustus St Gaudens – Designer Of The Most Beautiful Coin In The World

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The Saint Gaudens $20 gold coin is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful coins ever created. Its designer, Augustus St. Gaudens, was an Irish born American artist who spent most of his days sculpting. He was a creator of works that modeled the ideals of the American Renaissance, and also had a great interest in numismatics. He was raised in New York City, and traveled to Europe to study art and design before returning to America to become a successful and well-known artist. He created many monuments of the Civil War era heroes, including the Robert Gould Shaw Memorial on Boston Common. He also designed the equestrian monument for William Tecumseh Sherman in Central Park.

Augustus designed the Double Eagle $20 gold piece for the U.S. Mint. He spent two years perfecting the design before it was issued in 1907. In addition, he also designed the $10 Indian Head gold eagle, which was minted at the same time as the St. Gaudens $20 gold coin, and both coins remained in circulation and were minted until 1933. Much later in life, he founded an artistic community known as Cornish Colony, where prominent artists, painters, sculptors, writers, and architects came to reside.
Come back tomorrow to learn more of the history of this famous sculptor and his work.

Is The Economy Good When Freddie Mac CFO Commits Suicide?

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As if things aren’t bad enough in the economy today with huge mortgage defaults, homes foreclosing in record numbers and the Obama administration proposing another trillion dollar bailout seemingly on a monthly basis, then we have the Cheif Financial Officer, David Kellermann, of Freddie Mac, the organization that’s primarily responsible for the mess we’re in, committing suicide. Meanwhile we’re being told by the powers that be in the Treasury Department, Timothy Geithner, that everything is just fine and dandy. Somehow, I’m finding that very hard to believe.

What would cause a high level CFO in the prime of his career at only 41 years of age to end it all? Was it the 38,000 shares of Freddie Mac stock previously valued at more than $1 million that’s now worth around $30,000 or did the ongoing investigation by the SEC into why the company lost $50 billion in the 2008 financial meltdown contribute to Kellerman’s suicide? Or maybe Kelermann uncovered some damaging evidence of corrupt high level political dealings and feared going public with the info. No one really knows exactly and we may never know the full story.

Situations such as this will certainly contribute to the attitude about what’s really going on with our national economic troubles. Let’s hope we can get some real answers about what happened to Mr Kellermann and what caused him to end his life at such a young age. Unfortunately, truth isn’t a virtue in the US Government today, so all we can do for the time being is speculate.

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